3 Most Amazing Ways To Reuse Plastic Bottles That Will Stupify You

3 Most Amazing Ways To Reuse Plastic Bottles That Will Stupify You

Being crafty with items average American throws out as waste in a great number is fun. Plastic bottles are a kind of trash everybody claims to experience. But how cool it is to know that this recycle bin object can be upcycled in various crafty and useful ways! Yes, it will be awesome. If you involve your kids in the projects, they will also love it and present their own growing ideas to tell you more excellent ways to reuse plastic bottles.

Let us see what amazing things you can produce out of this waste thrown around 185 pound annually by a single American.

Vertical Gardening
Have you ever imagined plastic bottle planters mounted on your garden or backyard wall in a great number? Just fancy, lots of wall mounted plastic bottles on a wall in horizontal order with proper distance with colorful caps, supported by threads, with lovely plants planted in them! This vertical gardening project will never leave your sight unpleased!

Awesome Lamp
rather bigger plastic bottles have their own DIY projects and their own fun ways to go crafty. Just take one of this kind, get lots of plastic spoons cut to remove their tales. After that, fix all those spoon heads on the plastic bottle in a way that the curved surface of all the spoons is outward. The result will be a tremendously cool DIY lamp.

Beautiful Room Corner
Plastic bottles have curved bottoms giving you a wonderful opportunity to create something you never imagined. So, this time, try this one of the most mind blowing ways to reuse plastic bottles. Cut three bottles to separate their bottoms. Make holes in the middle of every bottom. After that, take a rod to go inside all three holes and fasten them in this way with proper distance. Place it in the corner of your room and place beautiful things inside like pearls to add to its beauty.