Fabulous, Affordable And Easy Diy Driftwood Shelves To Complete In No Time

Fabulous, Affordable And Easy Diy Driftwood Shelves To Complete In No Time

Driftwood is a part of sophistication nowadays, people love shelving through this versatile wood. There are lots of ways you can make and use these shelves. Below are given a few of the most amazing and easiest formulas to put together and enjoy inexpensive yet stylish shelving in your home.

With even a single plank of driftwood, you can complete a project of one shelf for either decoration pieces or books. Just use that plank with brackets easily available in the market. Only two brackets, a single plank of the wood and you are done.

If you have space enough to make more than one shelf, you can use more planks of the wood. You don’t like brackets look ugly and spoil the look of the shelf? Just paint the brackets; it will be fun and time-killing task. Besides, your driftwood shelving idea will get sophistication and urban tinge.

To have short width for installing the project, you can cut one plank in the middle to create two short shelves to suffice the space. If you think brackets will become too much this way, minus them from the project and make the DIY driftwood shelves floating.

You can also make these driftwood shelves a part of your garden to put necessary items on it, and sometimes, little planters as well. The garden will perfectly match the original hue of driftwood to give extended natural warmth.

For room shelving, especially if you are trying to have DIY driftwood shelves for books, a simple idea is to wrap gift sheet around each plank that totally covers it. Lots of floral and starry gift sheets are available in the market, so you can easily pick up your favorite and complete the project.