The Simplest Way Of Diy Book Binding That Nobody Will Tell You

The Simplest Way Of Diy Book Binding That Nobody Will Tell You

So, this weekend you are free to deal with DIY tasks, try DIY book binding. Sounds complicated? Let us make it simple by working step by step. You will learn how simple it is after you complete the reading.

Take Start

First of all take start by collecting the essential equipment. All you need is;

Average-sized papers

  • glue
  • Needle
  • Thread
  • Chipboard
  • Fabric for covering
  • Bits of canvas
  • Decorative paper equal in size of the book paper
  • First of all fold the sheets in a way that they are 4-6 signatures.

Sew the signatures, before doing so make appropriately distanced holes in the signatures. After you have sewn them all, fasten the both ends too with thread.


  • After that, apply glue to the above string and the spine.
  • Make space between cover and the paper
  • To make space between the cover and the paper, glue the bits of the canvas onto the spine.

Make the cover
For cover, take fabric and chipboard. Make three pieces of the chipboard to fix on front, back and spine. Measure carefully. And, before you glue the fabric onto the chipboard, leave space on boarders and between all pieces for this purpose. Make your covers slighter greater than your book. Let dry after gluing.

Final action
Now put things together, the book on the canvas and the canvas at the center of the book cover, so that the book spine firmly sticks to the center of the cover. Take decorative sheet and decorate inside and outside of the cover, let dry.

You are done; place the book on your study table and look at your DIY book binding for a while to appreciate your creativity!